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A very popular brush with the dental profession and the choice of the University of Otago Dental School. This is an appropriate brush for those wearing orthodontic appliances or dentures, in that it is ideally suited for massaging the gums. It also meets the requirements of all who prefer a soft gentle brush.


The brush many New Zealand dentists would recommend – a soft multi-tuft brush removes bacterial plaque more effectively.


This brush is also popular among the dentists who recommend to their patients a medium brush and for those who prefer a brush a little firmer than the Soft Multi-tuft 408. 


Angled tufts probe readily between the teeth where decay often starts – once people use this design many become habitual users because of its effective interdental cleaning action. 


Favoured by those who prefer a full size firm brush – soft white outer bristles for cleaning the gum line – firm blue centre bristles for cleaning tooth enamel.


For those who prefer a hard longhead brush – favoured by smokers. Vee-tufting gives the tuft more free movement allowing them to flex more when too much pressure is used. Hard brushes are generally not recommended by the dental profession.