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For sensitive gums and teeth. The softest in the range which meets the requirements of all who have tender gums or a periodontal condition where the use of a very soft brush is necessary.


For braces. Developed in co-operation with NZ Orthodontists. The widely spaced vee-tufts probe effectively into the difficult to get at places making this brush suitable for those wearing fixed orthodontic appliances/braces. Can be used alone or in conjunction with a regular multi-tufted brush, as they are better suited for massaging the gums. 


The twin-tuft is a well proven effective design for partial and full plates, having two brush heads for more efficient cleaning. The large brush head for general cleaning while the extra strong tapered tuft is specially designed to penetrate those parts of the denture plate which are inaccessible to single headed brushes. Styled with elegance, this innovative brush provides a comfortable non-slip handle which can be easily gripped by those with arthritic hands.

For new dentures we recommend a soft denture brush (Item 491) available through your dentist or your registered dental technician.