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Standard Brushes

Available in a wide range of colours. Tufted with either clear or white nylon bristles.

Carnival Colours

Vibrant, brightly coloured bristles with contrasting handles.

Carnival 2000

Vibrant, brightly coloured bristles with matching handles.

Seasons Greetings

These brushes are moulded, tufted and packaged in the Christmas colours, gold blocked with ‘Season’s Greetings’, ‘Merry Christmas’ or your name on the handle and canister label.

All Luxident toothbrushes are available in standard or carnival colours, multi tufted or vee tufted in all textures from ultra-soft to firm, packed in convenient canisters or the economical surgery pack either as personalised brushes or ex-stock with the Luxident brand.


MULTI-TUFT Toothbrushes (flat trim)

For those who recommend a brush with a flat trim, the Luxident multi-tuft brush has the tufts spaced more than some multi-tufted brushes to give an improved bristle action and the optimum interdental penetration with minimum pressure.

VEE-TUFT TOOTHBRUSHES (For a better clean in between)

The Luxident angle-tuft or vee-tuft toothbrush is significantly more efficient at removing plaque from the interdental spaces, irrespective of the brushing technique. The free moving tufts gently probe and clean those hard to reach surfaces which make these brushes particularly effective when used as an orthodontic brush.








 The mould for the Luxident twin tufted denture brush was designed and made in England. It is ergonomically styled with elegance, providing a strong and comfortable non-slip handle, which can be easily gripped by those with arthritic hands.

The brush is tufted with Dupont Tynex, recognised as the world’s most superior bristling material and is recommended and used by registered clinical dental technicians throughout New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

This well proven denture brush is now totally manufactured in New Zealand and is backed with over 40 years experience in toothbrush manufacturing.

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FREE hook and denture care
instructions come in each canister pack.